Online Podiatry Video Consultation

Online Podiatry Video Consultation information:

 The use of technology is key for our organisation to provide excellent patient care. South West Podiatry uses a video consultation platform that brings a specialist to your hands, in the comfort of your own home.

 Our technology:

South West Podiatry uses the latest video conferencing technology to ensure that we can help you resolve foot and ankle pain, around your schedule.  A simple online booking platform is available 24/7 which enables you to schedule your Online Podiatry Video Consultation. A clinical consultation letter is sent to you via email and post detailing your consultation, assessment and treatment plan.

 Our partners:

We bring accessible healthcare to you, offering availability around your schedule. We accept self-paying clients and many Private Medical Insurance companies.

How can an Online Video Consultation help you?

  • Affordable and accessible Foot and Ankle specialist consultation in your hands
  • Online booking service available 24/7
  • Saving you time
  • Conveniently working around your schedule
  • Provide a diagnosis and treatment plan tailored to your needs
  • Private medical insurance accepted
  • Refer and triage to health professionals such as Physiotherapists / Orthopaedic surgeons / Rheumatologists / Podiatric Surgery
  • We can request appropriate investigations such as x-ray, ultrasound and MRI
  • Ingrown toe nail screening; Advice, Treatment and Surgical planning
  • Offer advice and guidance
  • Latest video conferencing technology
  • Review your home exercise program and discuss exercise progression
  • Monitor your progress, symptoms and management plan

Insurance and Consultation fees:

  • Self-Paying clients are invoiced for each video consultation.  Our accounts team will send you an invoice via email and post following your video consultation.  Invoices are to be paid via BACS / online bank transfer using your name as a reference
  • Private medical insurance companies will be invoiced directly.  Please provide your membership number and authorisation code
  • Please click HERE for further information regarding private medial insurance and consultation fees