OSTENIL Injection Therapy

OSTENIL Injection Therapy

What is OSTENIL?

South West Podiatry is a UK OSTENIL approved clinic.

Ostenil is a solution containing hyaluronic acid developed specifically for the treatment of osteoarthritis. It can also be injected around tendons and soft tissue.  It can be injected into the knee, ankle, or any of the other synovial joints in the body to decrease pain and stiffness and improve symptoms.  This acts as an immediate lubricant and shock-absorber to immediately decrease pain and stiffness in the joint. More importantly it stimulates the cells that produce Synovial fluid in the joints and helps restore the normal balance of breakdown and production to give long lasting pain relief.

Despite supporting scientific evidence these joint pain injections are not currently available on the NHS.  They are being done in ever increasing numbers within the private sector when people hear the success stories of others and how often they are used in the treatment of professional sports players. The research shows that the effects of the injection typically last from 9 – 12 months.

What evidence is there that OSTENIL injections work?

The ‘Cochrane review’ is recognised as the highest standard of evidence based medicine and this review states these injections are “effective treatments for mild to moderate osteoarthritis”.

If you wish to read the review – Please click here

How long does OSTENIL take to work?

Most patients notice an immediate difference but some advise it took a few days or occasionally weeks to notice an improvement.  As we are all different, for some patients there may be no difference at all.

Are there any side effects of OSTENIL injection therapy?

Ostenil has been extensively tested and has not been found to cause any serious side effects, plus it contains no animal proteins, so is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

As with any injection into the body, there is a very small risk of infection and occasional post injection pain at the site, which may last for a number of days.

You should always consult with your clinician before beginning any treatment.

What is the cost of an OSTENIL injection?

South West Podiatry’s self-pay fees are published on our website:  Insurance / Fees – South West Podiatry (swpodiatry.co.uk).  If you are intending to fund your injection through private medical insurance, please ensure that your insurance provider pre-authorises the injection and inform our accounts team prior to any treatment.  Further information regarding private medical insurance can be found on our website.

Helpful information:

On the day of injection:

·              Attend in your normal footwear.

·              Eat normally throughout the day.

·              Drink plenty of water.

·              Car insurance may be invalid for 24 hours so please make alternative arrangements.

·              Please inform the Podiatrist if your medication or medical history has changed.

·              You should not require any time off work.

·              Rest for the evening after the procedure.

After the procedure:

·              Keep your dressing on and clean for a few hours.

·              Report any signs of infection to your Podiatrist immediately via email into info@swpodiatry.co.uk and if you have any “out of hours” concerns, please contact your GP or 111.

·              Avoid high impact exercise for the first 2 weeks following injection. 

·              Take pain medication (if required )

If you have any concerns, please book an appointment on 020 7164 6607 or email info@swpodiatry.co.uk