Healix | Private Medical Insurance

Healix | Private Medical Insurance

South West Podiatry work with a number of major private medical insurance companies including Healix. Our HCPC Podiatrists are covered by Healix.

What you need to know

  • South West Podiatry are happy to accept self-referrals.
  • Your insurance provider may require a GP/Consultant referral prior to attending.
  • Please be aware that as long as you provide South West Podiatry with a pre-authorisation code and policy number, we can bill Healix directly on your behalf. If you do not have pre authorisation, you will need to self-pay and claim back for your appointments.
  • Find out your excess as this will be paid to South West Podiatry.
  • Find out your policy fee limit to claim for podiatry consultations, as the policy holder will be liable for costs above the upper limit.
  • All of our podiatrists are HCPC registered and insured to practice.
  • A list of podiatrists can be found by clicking our about us page.
  • Contact your provider if you are in any doubt regarding your policy coverage prior to attending your podiatry consultation.

Things not covered

  • Healix have advised that in most policies, they will cover all of our self-pay appointment fees including medication, splints and orthotics within South West Podiatry. It is advisable to call Healix and check your policy coverage as it is the responsibility of the policy holder to understand what is covered. South West Podiatry will bill Healix at are usual self-pay fees which can be found here: Insurance / Fees – South West Podiatry (swpodiatry.co.uk)

Procedure codes

  • Healix do not have specific procedures codes.  Simply, call your insurance company to gain pre-authorisation.

Clinic Locations:

Advanced MSK + 3D Gait Analysis appointments are only available at our Earlsfield, London clinic. MSK Analysis appointments are available at all face to face clinical locations. *On-site diagnostic ultrasound is available at Earlsfield and Maidenhead clinical locations.

How to book:

If you are a New Patient, please schedule an Initial Consultation online, click here:  BOOK ONLINE. Existing patients can schedule appointments online: BOOK ONLINE .  Please check your Podiatrists Bio here: About us  Alternatively call: 02071646607 to speak to our friendly booking team Monday-Thursday: 9am-5pm or Friday: 9am-3:30pm.

Insurance and Fees:

We accept most major private medical insurance companies including BUPAVitalityWPACignaAVIVA and Simply Health. A full list of our consultation fees including self-pay can be found here: Insurance and Fees. Our Podiatry team are health care professional council registered, meaning they are required to maintain professional standards and continued professional development. As an organisation we have invested in the latest diagnostic technology in order to help our podiatry team, help you. We have onsite diagnostic ultrasound available at Maidenhead and Earlsfield clinics. Pressure analysis available at Maidenhead and Earlsfield clinics with treadmill examinations.