FAQ - Will My Insoles Be Too Hard?

Frequently Asked Questions

At South West Podiatry we often see patients who have been given insoles from a high street retailer where they have not been assessed or treated by a qualified, HCPC-registered Podiatrist. As a result, they have often been given insoles, which are not ideally suited to their feet or appropriate for solving their individual problem.

At South West Podiatry we spend time with our patients to ensure their insoles and treatment are right for them. Because South West Podiatry has spent years in the field of biomechanical podiatry, we have identified all the tips and tricks that prevent insoles from being uncomfortable to the patient. 
Will orthotics solves my foot problem?

Orthotics will control the position and motion of your foot. This may prevent the development of pain and disability, and the development of additional deformity. Some conditions will respond better to insoles better than others. South West Podiatry prides itself on not providing insoles unless there is medical research to support the use of them. Sometimes insoles can control your foot pain to a level where you are able to resume your activity, but you still notice it to some degree.