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What are verruca?

Verruca is a small single virus that occurs on the foot.  Verrucae refers to multiple verruca (multiple virus).  They are the same as warts on any other part of the body but on the feet they are called verruca pedis. They are very common children and people with a lowered immune system, and usually disappear within 2 years.

They are usually pain free and in general we only recommend treatments when they become painful or an issue. They often look like small cauliflower lumps on the feet and can also contain small black dots in the middle.  Verruca can appear as single verruca or can be multiple viruses covering large surface areas and like any virus, it needs your immune system to see it and then respond to it, in order to resolve the tissue.

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What should I do if I think I have a verruca ?

If you have explored home treatments and are still concerned or the verruca is painful, then you should contact south west podiatry and schedule an initial consultation to review your treatment options.

Our main, evidence informed treatment option is SWIFT verruca treatment.  SWIFT is an innovative treatment, delivering rapid heat to your verruca / wart using microwave technology, allowing for the healing cascade to commence. SWIFT verruca treatment is proven to work in 83% of patients who undertake our treatment protocol.

How can our team help you?

It is important to diagnose your problem and be reviewed by a HCPC registered Podiatrist. During your initial consultation your podiatrist will assess your feet and discuss your treatment options.

Treatment options:

  • SWIFT verruca treatment – Only available at Earlsfield, London
  • Verruca needling (Minor surgical procedure)
  • Cryotherapy and salacylic acid treatment

*Please note: with or without treatment verruca cells should disappear within 2 years. Many strains of verrucae can last significantly longer and can also spread with, or without treatment.*

Clinic Locations:

Appointments are available at all clinical sites. *On-site diagnostic ultrasound is available at Earlsfield and Maidenhead clinical locations.


How to book:

If you are a New Patient, please schedule an Initial Consultation online, click here:  BOOK ONLINE. Existing patients can also schedule a follow-up consultation online: BOOK ONLINE .  Please check your podiatrists Bio here: About us  Alternatively call: 02071646607 to speak to our friendly booking team Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm or Friday 9am-3:30pm.


Insurance and Fees:

We accept most major private medical insurance companies including BUPAVitalityWPACignaAVIVA and Simply Health. A full list of our consultation fees including self-pay can be found here: Insurance and Fees. Our Podiatry team are health care professional council registered, meaning they are required to maintain professional standards and continued professional development. As an organisation we have invested in the latest diagnostic technology in order to help our podiatry team, help you. We have onsite diagnostic ultrasound available at Maidenhead and Earlsfield clinics. Pressure analysis available at Maidenhead and Earlsfield clinics with treadmill examinations.