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Information about injections:

What are steroid injections?

Steroid injections are used in the field of Podiatric medicine to treat a wide range of musculoskeletal disorders. The most commonly used steroid is methylprednisilone, this is a corticosteroid medication used to relieve pain, swelling and inflammation. A steroid injection can be injected into or around a joint, tendon, or ligament, or used for clinical diagnostic purposes.

Steroid injections can be used as part of a treatment plan to improve pain and reduce inflammation.  Injections can be administered into joints, ligaments or tendons to reduce inflammation, pain and discomfort.

How can injections help me?

Steroid injections can be useful in the treatment of the following conditions;

Download our steroid injection leaflet here:


  • Hallux rigidus/limitus.
  • Sinus Tarsi syndrome.
  • Ligament injury.

How do steroid injections work?

The substance “cortisone” which is injected, is produced naturally by the adrenal gland and has a strong anti-inflammatory effect on the body. The steroid injection works by suppressing the immune system locally which reduces any inflammation in the area, this in turn provides pain relief.

What are the benefits of steroid injections?

The following are some of the benefits of using steroid injections in podiatry;

  • Provides relief from pain and discomfort.
  • Helps to improve range of motion at the joint.
  • Allows you to return to normal activity.
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation.
  • Steroid injections have fewer side effects than oral steroids.
  • Injections work faster and more directly than creams or NSAIDS such as ibuprofen.

How can we help you?

During your initial consultation, we will fully assess your feet and take a full history of your symptoms. Your Podiatrist will discuss a specific treatment plan for your condition and formulate a unique management plan to reduce your symptoms, and improve your condition.

Following assessment and suitability, a specific members of the team will be able to plan and administer injection therapy.

An MSK Analysis consultation may be booked following your initial consultation. This appointment is important to identify the cause of your symptoms and will review mechanical problems, structural deformity and movement patterns. At our gait labs in Earlsfield and Maidenhead our specialist infra-red pressure mats may be used to provide data to look at increased forces through your feet to help diagnose the cause of your pain. Orthotics may also be utilised as they are a useful tool to help offload injured structures within the foot and ankle. Orthotics can be used before and after injection therapy.

Clinic locations:

Steroid injections are administered at : Earlsfield and Maidenhead clinics by specific Podiatrists. Please check to see if your podiatrist is qualified to inject prior to booking.  *On-site diagnostic ultrasound is available at Earlsfield and Maidenhead clinics.

How to book:

If you are a New Patient, please schedule an Initial Consultation online, click here:  BOOK ONLINE. Existing patients can also schedule a follow-up consultation online: BOOK ONLINE .  Alternatively call: 02071646607 to speak to our friendly booking team Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm or Friday 9am – 3:30pm

Insurance and Fees:

We accept most major private medical insurance companies including BUPA, Vitality, WPA, Cigna, AVIVA and Simply Health. A full list of our consultation fee’s including self-pay can be found here:  Insurance and Fees