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What are Orthotics or Insoles?

Orthotics are specialist shoe inserts which help to re-align the foot posture and reduce abnormal tissue stress on the feet and lower limbs.

Before Custom/Bespoke orthotics can be manufactured a thorough foot and posture and gait analysis must to completed. A cast of your feet must be taken for the production of custom manufactured orthotics. This is an extremely skilled process requiring years of experience and expertise to design your orthotic device.


Casting or moulding your feet involves the Podiatrist holding the foot in a specific position, relative to your leg. A 3D scan, plaster mould or foam box impression can be taken to complete this process. Your foot impressions are 3D digitally analysed to help, reduce tissue stress, re-distribute plantar foot pressures correct any functional abnormalities found during the biomechanical examination. An infra red pressure analysis is also taken during your assessment and your analysis will be discussed.

Custom/ Bespoke orthotics are returned to clinic and fitted within 2-3 weeks and you will be reviewed again between 2-6 weeks after usage.

There are many types of custom manufactured orthotics which south west podiatry provide. Functional, accommodative, rheumatoid and diabetic orthotics are different specific types of devices which can be manufactured. A functional orthotic is usually stronger, more durable and aim to reduce mechanical stress on the feet to alter function of walking or running. An accommodative device would support your foot function and provide cushioning. A diabetic and Rheumatoid custom made orthotic device is provided to offer cushioning and redistribution of pressure on the bottom of your feet. These will not functionally change or adapt the way you walk, but deflect pressure away from high pressure areas of your feet.

How can our team help you if you need Orthotics/Insoles?

During your initial consultation, our podiatry team will assess your specific orthotic requirement and discuss your treatment options.

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