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What is a Gait Analysis/Biomechanical Examination ?

Gait analysis or Biomechanical assessment is a complex analysis of your walking and running pattern. The assessment looks at your body’s movement (biomechanics) to identify, prevent and treat a wide range of foot, ankle and lower limb conditions.

Our Podiatry Team will analyse your body in a seated position, standing position and dynamically on a treadmill.  The assessment is useful for all patients who are having foot/ankle and lower limb discomfort.  Anyone can have an assessment and it is commonly used to help athletes run more efficiently and to identify movement-related problems for people who have injuries in the foot, ankle, knees, hips or lower back.

The South West Podiatry team specialise in improving how people walk and run to prevent injury and improve lower limb pain.

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  • We use the latest technology to identify areas of increased foot pressure and inefficiencies in your foot pattern.  Video analysis is also used to identify in-efficient foot patterns or increased stress in the lower legs and feet. Watch Cristiano Ronaldo being Dynamically tested using the same technology as South West Podiatry:
  • A foot mould is then taken using either a 3D scan, traditional plaster of paris or a foam box impression to manufacture you a prescribed, custom made insole/orthotic device for your shoes.

What are Insoles or Orthotics?

Treatments typically include a combination of advice, exercises, rehabilitation, stretches, and the use of orthotics (shoe insoles).  An orthotic is a medical device that is placed inside the shoe to change the way the foot works, to reduce the degree of stress that the foot is under during walking or to offload painful areas in your feet. We have a range of Orthotics available for you to consider from; temporary insoles, Semi-Custom Orthotics and specialised Fully Custom made orthotics.

“my orthotics cannot fit into my shoes !”

At South West Podiatry, we have developed specific Custom made orthotic designs to fit into very low profile shoes, even converse!

Your Podiatrist will assess your specific orthotic requirement and will discuss your choice of orthotic design to suit your footwear.  Your podiatrist may also suggest footwear recommendations to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

What is musculoskeletal podiatry?

What happens after the assessment ?

As part of your specific package of care, orthotics are usually fitted 1-3 weeks after consultation and a review appointment will also be booked, between 4-6 weeks following your assessment.

You can request a full report of your assessment and recommendations will be emailed directly to you or be posted in a letter.

Strength, flexibility and posture are all important factors which will be identified within your consultation.  We liaise with your GP and Consultant on your behalf.  If you require further imaging to confirm your diagnosis, we will arrange further investigation such as MRI, X-Ray or Ultrasound as required.  Treatment may also include referrals to additional allied health practitioners, such as physiotherapists for specific rehabilitation or consultants.

What are the costs?

After an initial consultation, your Podiatrist will discuss your specific package of care, which includes your consultation fees and orthotic device. Further information regarding costs can be found here. *Pressure plate analysis is only available at Earlsfield and Wimbledon.

New Patients need to book an initial consultation with our Podiatry team, at one of our locations.

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