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Fungal nail test

Research has proven that even podiatrists are only 67% successful in clinically diagnosing fungal nail infections. When Podiatrists are unsure or need confirmation we collect a sample of the nail and culture for diagnosis. Taking a sample is 97% successful in identifying fungal nail infections.

How does it work?

The test works similar to that used in pregnancy and is called immune-chromotography. The test strip contains a monoclonal antibody that specifically reacts with a polysaccharide that is present in the cell wall of fungal elements or fungus. When a fungal nail is cultured, the test strip detects polysaccharides/fungus and a pink line occurs in the test strip to confirm that the test has worked. This is then followed with the appearance of a purple-brown line below to confirm the presence of a fungal nail infection.

How can I get my nail checked?

South West Podiatry will take a sample of a suspected fungal nail infection, culture the sample and report the results. You will receive a phone call or email within 5 working days to discuss your results and treatment options.

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