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What is Shockwave Therapy?

Shock Waves are movements of extremely high pressure caused by, for example, an explosion, an earthquake or a plane breaking the sound barrier. Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) is the application of Shock Waves in medicine.

It is clinically proven that pressure waves, when applied to injured tissues, stimulate metabolic reactions and promote the initial phases of healing.

How does ESWT work?

When the clinician applies ESWT to injured tissue. Injuries are affected in three ways:

  • Reduction of pain by reducing nerve impulses.
  • Increase of blood circulation in surrounding tissue.
  • Beginning the healing process through stem cells activation.

Everyone has C nerve fibres in their body and when these fibres are activated, they release a substance called substance P. Substance P is responsible for causing pain and discomfort. ESWT activates C nerve fibres, initially causing a widespread release of substance P which causes discomfort during application. After a prolonged period of applying ESWT, C nerve fibres are disarmed and incapable of producing substance P.

A reduction in the production of substance P in tissue, leads to a reduction in pain.

This reduction of nerve fibre stimulation, together with increasing blood circulation and the activation of stem cells in the treated tissue, promotes recovery and can significantly reduce musculoskeletal pain.

What can ESWT be used to treat?

ESWT demonstration

How many sessions do I need?

At the initial consultation, your podiatrist will discuss if Shockwave Therapy  is recommended and the frequency of visits. Generally, patients attend clinic at 1-2 week intervals for up to 6 sessions, with a view to reviewing the outcome a few weeks after your final session.

Clinic locations:

Appointments are only available at Earlsfield and Maidenhead *On-site diagnostic ultrasound is available at Earlsfield and Maidenhead clinics.

How to book:

If you are a New Patient, please schedule an Initial Consultation online, click here:  BOOK ONLINE. Shockwave Therapy appointments are also available to schedule online: BOOK ONLINE .  Alternatively call: 02071646607 to speak to our friendly booking team Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

Insurance and Fees:

We accept most major private medical insurance companies including BUPA, Vitality, WPA, Cigna, AVIVA and Simply Health. A full list of our consultation fee’s including self-pay can be found here:  Insurance and Fees