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BUPA Private Medical Insurance

South West Podiatry work with a number of major private medical insurance companies including BUPA

What you need to know:

  • While South West Podiatry is happy to accept self-referrals, your insurance provider may require a GP/Consultant referral prior to attending. You can contact BUPA by calling on 03456 090 111.
    You can also speak to BUPA via live messaging by visiting www.bupa.co.uk
  • South West Podiatry will bill BUPA UK directly on your behalf and any excess on your policy will be paid to the clinic.
  • South West Podiatry charge a £30 self-pay fee to each patient following each consultation to cover administrative costs including dressings or medications used within the consultation.
    BUPA do not have contractual obligations with the company, South West Podiatry and the company charge a self-pay fee of £30 to cover the shortfall in costs to provide a Podiatry service.  The charge is not set by individual podiatrist and is external to contractual arrangements between BUPA and the podiatrist.
  • BUPA have agreed fee assured consultation fees with individual podiatrist and not the company, South West Podiatry.
  • In order to be reviewed within South West Podiatry, patients are made aware of the above additional company fees and liability within the terms and conditions of booking.
  • South West Podiatry will bill your insurance company for each consultation on behalf of the podiatrist.
  • It is your responsibility to inform BUPA and gain pre-authorisation prior to each consultation.  If you fail to gain pre-authorisation, you will be liable for any costs occurred.
  • Contact BUPA if you have any doubt regarding your policy coverage prior to attending via email accounts@swpodiatry.co.uk.  South West Podiatry cannot speak to your insurance company on your behalf.
  • If BUPA fail to cover your consultation fees, South West Podiatry will send you an invoice in the post to be paid within 14 days.

Things not covered

  • Medical devices such as orthotics, splints and medication are not covered by BUPA.
  • BUPA will fund for an MSK Analysis only.  Patients will need to gain pre authorisation for an AA641 and AA365.  There are no additional fees for this service.
  • Patients requiring an Advanced MSK + 3D Gait Analysis appointment. There are aspects of this two hour appointment that are not covered by BUPA.  Patients will need to gain pre authorisation for an AA641 and AA365.  There is an additional £100 company charge to pay for this service to cover MSK lower limb strength and flexibility check pressure analysis and reports.
  • SWIFT verruca treatment is not covered by BUPA.
  • BUPA do not fund podiatrists to administer shockwave therapy.

Obtaining an authorisation code from BUPA to fund your care:

  • Prior to attending your appointment, please ensure that you gain a pre-authorisation number from BUPA and understand how much your policy excess should be by calling BUPA on 03456 090 111.  You can also speak to BUPA via live messaging by visiting www.bupa.co.uk
  • Find out your policy excess.
  • Please find below a list of BUPA recognised podiatrists and their individual provider numbers, as well as the procedure codes that you will need to give them to obtain an authorisation code.  We strongly recommend that you request all of our podiatrists be included on your authorisation code.
  • Contact the admin team at South West Podiatry with your authorisation code and members number to book your procedure: info@swpodiatry.co.uk

BUPA provider numbers and procedure codes:

Provider numbers:

Andre Ferreira: 85013374

Brunilda Agalliu: 85020422

Liam McManus: 85020384

Thomas Walton: 85020327

Procedure codes:

  • Initial consultation: AA145
  • Follow up consultation: AA641
  • Musculoskeletal (MSK) Analysis:  AA641 + AA365
  • Advanced MSK Analysis + 3D Gait Analysis: BUPA do not cover all of the services involved. This appointment will cover an Advanced MSK Analysis + 3D Gait Analysis + Reports, please ensure that you request for AA641 + AA365 as above.  There is an additional £100 company charge to proceed with this appointment. BUPA do not fund MSK lower limb S&C tests or reports and pressure analysis which services that are part of this appointment type.
  • Nail Surgery: AA628 + 2 Follow up consultations AA641

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