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AVIVA| Private Medical Insurance

South West Podiatry work with a number of major private medical insurance companies including Aviva.

AVIVA Insurance – What you need to know:

  • Please ensure that you gain a pre-authorisation number from your insurance company and understand how much your policy excess should be by calling AVIVA on 0800 068 3827 or Existing members can login here: AVIVA Login
  • Please also note that medical devices such as orthotics, splints and medication are not covered by AVIVA
  • You may require a GP/Consultant referral prior to attending
  • You will need to pay your Policy Excess directly to the clinic
  • Contact AVIVA if there is any doubt regarding your policy coverage prior to attending your Podiatry consultation
  • In all cases through AVIVA, patients are required to pay for your consultation and claim back your fees

AVIVA Procedure codes for podiatrists:

  • AVIVA initial consultation: No code required
  • AVIVA follow up consultation: No code required
  • AVIVA Advanced Analysis / Gait Analysis: No code required
  • AVIVA nail surgery: S7010
  • AVIVA shockwave therapy: T5780
  • AVIVA injection: W9040
  • AVIVA Local anaesthesia: AC100

Podiatrists provider numbers:

  • Liam McManus provider number: 600073700
  • Tom Walton provider number: 60009214
  • Nathan Fittock provider number: 600132161
  • Daleen De Ronde provider number: 600131371
  • Andre Ferriera provider number: 600136856

AVIVA Procedure codes for consultant podiatric surgeon:

  • Consultant provider number: 600010870
  • Consultant Podiatric Surgeon initial consultation: 20300
  • Consultant Podiatric Surgeon follow-up consultation: 20310
  • Consultant Podiatric Surgeon nail surgery: S6400
  • Consultant Podiatric Surgeon shockwave therapy: T5780
  • Consultant Podiatric Surgeon injection: W9030

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