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AVIVA Podiatry : South West Podiatry work with a number of major private medical insurance companies including Aviva.


AVIVA Insurance – What you need to know :

Prior to attending your appointment through AVIVA, please ensure that you gain a pre-authorisation number from your insurance company and understand how much your policy excess should be by calling AVIVA on 0800 068 3827 or Existing members can login here: AVIVA Login.  Please also note that medical devices such as orthotics, splints and medication are not covered by AVIVA.

  • Ensure that you gain a pre-authorisation number.
  • Understand how much your excess is on your policy, what fees are covered and advise the clinic.
  • You may require a GP/Consultant referral prior to attending.
  • You will need to pay your Policy Excess directly to the clinic.
  • Contact your insurance provider if in any doubt regarding your policy coverage prior to attending your Podiatry consultation.
  • In all cases through AVIVA, patients are required to pay for your consultation and claim back your fees.


Here are South West Podiatry’s procedure codes:

·       Initial consultation:     Retrieve Authorisation only ( no procedure code )

·       Follow up appointment:     Retrieve Authorisation only ( no procedure code )

·       Nail Surgery one toe:     Procedure code for : S7010 + AC100 + consultation fee

·       Cryotherapy / curettage + LA:     Procedure code for S1110 + ( If local anaesthesia is required authorise procedure code: AC100 )

·       Injection into subcutaneous tissue:    Procedure code : S5210 + ( If local anaesthesia is required, code: AC100 )

·       ESWT ( shock wave therapy ) Plantar fasciitis:     Procedure code: T5780

·       ESWT ( Shockwave therapy) Achilles tendon:     Procedure code : T7250

·       Injection of steroid:    Procedure code : W9040 + ( If local anaesthesia is required, code: AC100 )

·       Gait analysis:     Retrieve Authorisation only ( no procedure code – Gait Analysis)

·       Local anaesthesia injection:     Procedure code : AC100 to administer local anaesthesia

We are here to help you.  You can book a new patient consultation online here, call us on 020 7164 6607 or send us a message on info@swpodiatry.co.uk