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Verrucae treatment Wimbledon

Our Wandsworth clinic in Earlsfield has recently upgraded its cryotherapy (freezing machine) for the effective treatment of verrucas. We now freeze the verrucas to very cold temperatures which can only be achieved by specialist equipment, not over the counter verruca freezing treatments.

Verrucas by nature, are very hard to treat. But with easy transport links to Tooting, Clapham and Balham our clinic is achieving some remarkable results in the treatment of this very common condition.

Book a new patient assessment today to first have your verrucae diagnosed correctly and then have a treatment plan discussed to solve your problem.


Foot stress fracture

Foot Stress fracture

Today the southwest podiatry team are based in London bridge involved in a lecture series on fractures of the foot and ankle. Some of the topics discussed include stress fractures in runners and broken ankles after twisting ankles.
Some studies have highlighted that 18-20% of marathon runners may develop a stress fracture of the foot during the course of there training. Stress fracture treatment may include immobilisation in boots, insoles or simple training and footwear modifications.

Call South West Podiatry if you are concerned you may have a foot stress fracture for a new patient assessment on 020 7164 6607


South London running clubs

South London running clubs
Posted by South West Podiatry on Thursday, November 15, 2012 Under: Conditions
South West Podiatry doesn’t recommend any running club over another, but we do recommended joining a running club. If you are a beginner and want to meet new people and get into the sport or a seasonal professional wanting to improve your times or distances a running club will have something for you.
We have listed below some of the running and triathlon clubs in and around South London. We welcome feed back on what people think of the clubs and what services they have to offer.

  • Clapham Chasers
  • Herne Hill Harriers
  • Clapham Runners
  • Dulwich Runners
  • Wimbledon Windmillers
  • So if you are looking to run around Clapham Common or Wimbledon Common, joining a running club can help you keep fit, and enjoy your running more.


    Podiatry in Tooting and Balham

    Welcome to South West Podiatry in tooting and Balham| Wimbledon | Earlsfield

    South West Podiatry provides leading expert care in the filed of Podiatry in Tooting and Balham treating all foot and ankle related injuries. South West Podiatry are capable of solving your foot pain. Our team has spent years perfecting the treatment of plantar and posterior heel pain, the treatment of plantar fasciitis and of course the treatment of metatarsalgia. 

    Our Podiatry team assess, image if required and diagnose all foot and ankle conditions with a focus on delivering excellence in customer care.  We will work with you to resolve your foot problems, around your work commitments, offering evening and weekend appointments.  All of these conditions are treated at our Podiatry practice in Wimbledon or Earlsfield, near Southfields (Wandsworth)

    Call now on 020 7164 6607 to book a New Patient assessment.


    Podiatrist in South Lodon

    Our Senior PodiatristsSimon Adam will be running a half marathon this Sunday as part of the Run to the Beat event in Greenwich, South London. So far he has managed to stay injury free when running and went for his final run this morning.

    Running injuries occur more often than you think with the most common running injuries including heel pain such as plantar fasciitis or heel spur, achillies tendon pains, shin splints and flat feet.

    South West Podiatry has a dedicated team who can diagnosis and treat these foot and leg injuries to get you back into running.


    Sporting events to sign up to

    The team at South West Podiatry cannot help but highlight the events that our team of Podiatrists have signed up to this year. Our senior podiatrist Simon Adam has signed up to:

    Heywards Heath Triathlon: Apparently the cycle leg on this event is up and down all the way, So it might be time to do some more training around Richmond Park!

    Tough Mudder: Simon has never done anything like this before. He has run the London Marathon and undertaken the London Triathlon many times but nothing like this before. The website says you will be electrocuted and have to climb in bins of ice which doesn’t sound very nice at all.

    Cycling London to Paris: South West Podiatry is proud to support Simon (and a few of his friends) as they cycle from London to Paris to raise money for sick children. The event is a quadriceps burning 325 mile event which will require many laps of Richmond Park. Please feel free to sponsor Simon and his team at

    There are so many events in and around London for anyone to get involved with. From 500m charity runs all the way to the London Marathon. So many of our patients develop some injury which can easily be prevented or resolved allowing them to get back into training and finish the event they started. If you have a running injury or cycling injury please get in contact with us and we can help you back on the road.

    Ps. If you see Simon running the roads of Wandsworth or Surrey please say hi.


    South West Podiatry at the University of East London

    Our Senior Podiatrist, Simon Adam, was recently invited as a guest lecturer to the University of East London to teach the students about knee, hip and lower back pain and how podiatry is able to treat these conditions. Podiatry is essential in the management of knee pains such as iliotibial band syndrome (ITB), anterior knee pain, patellofemoral joint syndrome and runner’s knee. Simon has spend years treating paints with knee and lower back pain using insoles, orthotics and the latest podiatry treatment modalities.

    Our clinic in Earlsfield, Wandsworth is equipped with the latest podiatry treatment and diagnosistic investigations as well as working closely with the physiotherapy team of ProPhysiotehrapy. We regularly treat patients who have completed the London Marathon and have done a large proportion of their training around Wimbledon, Richmond Park, Tooting and as far out as Surrey.

    To read more about our treatment options or our staff who perform these treatments please clinic on the links. We look forward to seeing you, and your feet, at South West Podiatry.


    Wandsworth Chiropody

    South West Podiatry | Chiropody

    Routine Podiatry or chiropody is a branch of podiatry which focuses on routine foot heath.  chiropody is undertaken by qualified and HCPC registered Podiatrists in Wimbledon and Earlsfield.  South West Podiatry has built a reputation for being a leading Podiatric centre in the Wandsworth and Wimbledon areas. Our team specialise in running injuries especially those affecting the lower limb such as runners knee or shin splints. We provide effective evidence based treatments such as foot mobilisation, manipulation and custom made foot orthotics.  Podiatrists complete infra red pressure analysis, gait assessments and biomechanical examinations to provide clients with the latest technology to improve pain and reduce injury.

    But did you know we also have a team dedicated to the ‘Chiropody’ side of Podiatry. Our podiatrists and chiropodists can help you with:

    Podiatry Wimbledon

    Podiatry Wimbledon

    Our Wandsworth Chiropody service is undertaken by HCPC registered Podiatrists, so you know you are in good hands. We have two clinics available, Wimbledon and Earlsfield.  Our clinic based in Earlsfield is within easy reach of wandsworth and battersea.  The Wimbledon clinic is a 30 second walk from Wimbledon station.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact us to discuss you foot problems.

    Call Now to book 020 7164 6607


    Marathon Podiatry

    Your London Marathon training program should be well underway. Some of our podiatry patients are coming close to running their longest runs over the next few weekends though Richmond and the other Royal Parks.
    Running Marathons can take its toll on your body. Knee injuries, stress fractures and heel pain can all arise from poor biomechanics and uneven gait. Sometimes even the most simple insole can offload areas of the foot and prevent injury.
    South West Podiatry specialises in Marathon runners and Triathletes. Our team has undertaken a vast number of endurance events and our experiences is matched by our individual treatment plans to get you back to your sport.


    New Podiatry Website

    Our new website is up and running. We hope the new website provides the local community of Wandsworth and Lambeth an easy to access resource on foot pain and how Podiatry might be able to help.

    Our service section aims to highlight some of the more common foot conditions treated by our podiatrists in London. Topics such as Plantar fasciitis and Heel pain are the more popular pages however it is also the lesser known conditions such as how podiatry can help with your knee pain, or what is a gait analysis?

    We are always after new topics, so if there is a foot condition or problem you would like to know more about get in touch with us and we will make it happen.