About Us

20 Years Caring About You

Welcome to South West Podiatry

We are a private podiatry practice with clinics located in Wimbledon, Earlsfield and Maidenhead. Our experienced team of foot specialists provide the highest level of care for a wide range of foot, ankle and lower limb conditions.

We focus on all areas of Podiatric medicine, from elite level athletes, complex foot and ankle pain to general foot and ankle issues.  We use specialist treatments such as Shockwave Therapy, Soft tissue mobilisation, Infra Red pressure analysis Steroid injections and Orthotic therapy / Insoles, in order to manage foot and ankle conditions.  We also manage common podiatry foot problems such as; surgical intervention for ingrown toe nails; appropriate nail cutting, fungal nail infections, corns, verrucae, arch and heel pain.

The remote podiatry video consultation platform also offers our clients support in the comfort of their home.

Meet our dedicated team members

At South West Podiatry, we strive to provide the best possible care and here are the people that make that happen: