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Why is heel pain so painful,#PodsHealHeels

Why is heel pain so painful? This is a common question we are asked on a daily basis at South West Podiatry. Heel pain is a common musculoskeletal condition presented to our Podiatry team on a daily basis and our patients can not believe how debilitating heel pain can be. In order to undertake even the most simplest of daily activities we need walk and stand for large periods of the day. Why is heel pain so painful? The reasons why is largely due to the amount of stress that is put through the heel during walking and standing.

The heel plays an important role during the gait (walking) cycle its function is to act as a shock absorber, support the individuals body weight and propel the individual forward. Due to the high compressive force that is put through the heel and its associated structures there is a lot force that acts on the bones and soft tissues.

Why does an individual develop heel pain?

There are a number reasons why someone may develop heel pain and some of these are listed below.

  • Obesity greater weight being put upon the foot
  • Overuse of the foot from sports such as running
  • Age,
    • Young children can develop heel pain as the calcaneus the bone in the heel is still developing.
    • The elderly when the fat pad which absorbs a lot of the force starts to diminish.
  • Disease such as some inflammatory arthropathies
  • Poorly fitting and or in appropriate footwear

How can our team help if you have heel pain?

During an initial consultation with our experienced podiatry team, we will fully assess your feet and take a full history of your symptoms. Your podiatrist will discuss a specific treatment plan for your condition and organise a unique management plan to reduce your symptoms and improve your condition. We also have a video library of rehabilitation exercises in our patient resource which your podiatrist can discuss with you.

A Gait analysis / Biomechanical examination may be booked following an initial consultation to identify the cause of mechanical stress on the plantar fascia or foot structure, caused by walking or running. An infra-red pressure assessment may also be used to provide data to analyse increased forces through your feet. Orthotics are useful for certain symptoms of plantar heel pain which are prescribed to you to improve symptoms and offload areas of the feet caused by mechanical inefficiencies.

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