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Heal Heel pain with ShockWave Therapy

Podiatrists Heal Heels ! ShockWave therapy is a new, effective treatment used to heal plantar fasciitis and achilles tendon issues, instead of injection therpay ! See how is works below:

ShockWave Therapy

How does ShockWave Therapy work?

When the clinician applies ESWT to injured tissue. Injuries are affected in three ways:

  • Reduction of pain by reducing nerve impulses.
  • Increase of blood circulation in surrounding tissue.
  • Beginning of the healing process through stem cells activation.

Everyone has C nerve fibres in their body and when C nerve fibres are activated, the fibres release a substance called substance P. Substance P is responsible for causing pain and discomfort. ESWT activates C nerve fibres, initially causing a widespread release of substance P which causes discomfort during application. After a prolonged period of applying ESWT, C nerve fibres are disarmed and incapable of producing substance P.

A reduction in the production of substance P in tissue, leads to a reduction in pain.

This reduction of nerve fibre stimulation, together with increasing blood circulation and the activation of stem cells in the treated tissue, promotes recovery and can significantly reduce musculoskeletal pain.

What can ESWT be used to treat?

Evidence Based Medicine, Review the research below:

Podiatrists are evidence based medical practitioners who use the latest technologies and evidence to influence our approach to the treatment of heel pain. Plantar and posterior heel pain can be resolved with the use of ShockWave Therapy in combination with orthotics, stretches and loading ! Speak to your local Podiatrist for further details about early treatment and interventions.


Nathan Fittock |Podiatrist|South West Podiatry

Meet Nathan Fittock, our new team member at South West Podiatry, Nathan completed his Podiatry degree in 2016 at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. His passion for helping people in addition to suffering a range of lower limb injuries himself inspired him to become a Podiatrist. Since then, he has spent most of his time in private practice, gaining experience in all aspects of Podiatry. He has also gained experience spending time within the NHS across London.

Nathan Fittock has a keen interest in musculoskeletal injuries and rehabilitation. This stems from his background in playing numerous sports, but most significantly middle distance running and playing representative Rugby League.

Through attending numerous conferences and training courses, he enjoys challenging his knowledge and keeping up to date with the latest research, and various treatment techniques involved with Podiatry. Nathan strives to create an individualised and holistic approach to each patient in a friendly and relaxed environment. As pain and injury can be multifactorial, he often combines numerous treatment methods for optimal patient care whether it may be footwear and orthotics, running form work, soft tissue therapy and shockwave or strength training.

Outside of the clinic you will most likely find him with a coffee in his hand or doing his own strength and conditioning training. Nathan enjoys the outdoors and travelling to explore different parts of the world.

Nathan looks forward to welcoming you to our clinic.


3D Printed Custom Made Orthotics – Available NOW !

3D printed Custom Made Orthotics are now available at our Gait Analysis Lab in Earlsfield, London, SW184HR. Lightweight orthotics that fit your work shoes ! Bringing innovation to South West London.

Podiatrist, Nathan Fittock had a foot scan at our Gait Lab in Earlsfield and we requested custom made orthotics for him to trial. They arrived today and he’s EXCITED ! Click the video below to hear Nathan’s take on his new lightweight custom made 3D printed orthotics for his work shoes. Orthotics are medical devices which you place in shoes to reduce foot pain and help common foot/ankle conditions such as plantar fasciitis ( heel pain ) and achilles tendinopathy.

Grab yourself a pair of state of the art, lightweight custom made medical orthotic devices for running or walking!

Book a Gait Analysis / Biomechanical Examination appointment with Nathan or our Podiatry team at the Earlsfield Gait Lab by clicking here:

nathan fittock
Nathan Fittock

Run – Walk – Dance – Live : Take a look at our NEW 3D printed medical devices which are fully custom made from your foot scan click on the following link: NEW MEDICAL TECH !