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Painful Ingrown Toenail ? Foot and Ankle Specialists

Why wait until an ingrown toenail hurts? Or worse, why wait until an ingrown toenail develops into an infection?

Hello Liam, been meaning to message you to say thankyou for sorting my ingrown toe nails out. They took there time to heal properly and now they have, my feet are so much more comfortable. Your treatment was highly considerate and professional and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending you to anyone ! Patient testimonial – Mr Chandler

Would you like a long term, evidence based solution to resolve a painful ingrown toe nail ?

Click the link for further information about your long term surgical solutions for painful or infected toe nails: WHY WAIT TILL IT HURTS

ingrown nail

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The London Marathon |South West Podiatry

It has been nearly a month since the lucky few found out they have a place in the ballot for the London Marathon, and the daunting task ahead is starting to sink in. The team at South West Podiatry know this feeling all to well, and from our experience in marathon running preparation is key.

High on your London Marathon preparation list should be an assessment with one of our Specialist MSK Podiatrists. They will provide you with a thorough running assessment at our gait lab in Earlsfield.

Anyone can have an assessment and it is commonly used to help athletes run more efficiently and to identify movement-related problems for people who have injuries in the foot, ankle, knees, hips or lower back.

The South West Podiatry team specialise in improving how people walk and run to prevent injury and improve lower limb pain. We use the latest technology to identify areas of increased foot pressure and inefficiencies in your foot pattern.  South West Podiatry will analyse your running gait on a treadmill we will also use pressure analysis to identify in-efficient foot patterns or increased stress in the lower legs and feet.

The results of the Biomechanical assessment will enable the team to provide you with a targeted strength program to help improve any areas of weakness in the lower limb as well as providing you with running gait re-training if we feel this is needed. The most important part of the assessment is advice on the most appropriate trainers for your foot type and running style.

So in order to be London marathon ready contact the clinic today to book an appointment with one of the South West Podiatry team.