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How to deal with sweaty feet!

Sweaty feet can surprisingly be a terrible thing to experience. With over 250,000 sweat glands, it can get really unpleasant to deal with this issue.

But why does this even happen? Well, sweating is a critical process our body undergoes to cool ourselves down, and control body temperature. Almost every single body part does this, including our feet!

Did you know there is a condition called plantar hyperhidrosis ​that causes the excessive sweating of the feet? A staggering 5% of the world population suffer from this.

We aren’t trying to scare you, but if left untreated ‒ you can contract diseases, blisters, infections, and other nasty things! Today, we are going to share some of our methods.


Dedicate some of your time every day to washing your feet and drying in-between the toes. This completely wipes out any bacteria lingering around, and also stops terrible foot odour from emerging.


Change your socks daily, especially if you usually wear closed-toe shoes. Make sure to avoid manmade or synthetic materials, since this can trap moisture and lead to odour-related problems.


Deodorants can deal with the foul smell, stop incessant sweating, ​and​ protect your feet from bacteria.


Foot soaks can work wonders; they can actually kill all sorts of parasites!

After drying your feet look in every nook and cranny! You should also make a point to keep your shoes as dry as possible.


Getting shoes made out of natural materials (avoid plastic in particular!) is a simple yet effective solution ‒ this is because such substances allow some ‘breathing room’ for your feet.


Applying an anti-fungal foot powder can help absorb excess moisture. According to Doctor Stephen Weinberg, roll-on products are more effective than sprays.

If you don’t have such powders on hand, there are many alternatives you can use.

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