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South West Podiatry specialise in medical orthotic intervention for a range of foot, ankle and knee problems. Orthotics are medical devices which aim to de-stress different parts of the foot and ankle in order to relieve pain and improve function. Orthotics can be used on a daily basis or for sports. The podiatrist at South West Podiatry will take you through a full gait analysis and biomechanical examination to determine the specific type of orthotic that you would benefit from.

There are many ways of moulding feet and manufacturing custom made devices. It is important to ensure that we take an accurate mould of your foot profile, so we mould feet using foam boxes, plaster of paris and 3D scanning. South West Podiatry has access to all types of orthotic manufacture from 3D printing, slimline direct milled to traditional vacuum formed orthotic manufacture. We work with leading world wide manufacturing companies as far as Australia and Canada, to identify which manufacturing type would suit your needs.

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