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Daleen De Ronde | The Bridge Clinic | Maidenhead

Daleen De Ronde | Maidenhead and Windsor | The Bridge Clinic

Daleen De Ronde is our new team member at South West Podiatry.  South West Podiatry are very proud to be associated with The Bridge Clinic at Maidenhead and we would like to welcome Daleen De Ronde to our team. Daleen will start at The Bridge clinic on Friday mornings from mid September.

Daleen brings a wealth of knowledge to our Podiatry team and has a special interest in Paediatric and musculoskeletal patients.

Read Daleen’s Bio – CLICK HERE 


Daleen De Ronde
South West Podiaty focus on all areas of Podiatric medicine, from Elite level athletes, complex foot and ankle pain to general foot and ankle issues. We use specialist treatments such as FMT, 3D scanning, Infra Red pressure analysis, Steroid injections and Orthotic therapy / Insoles, in order to manage foot and ankle conditions. We also manage common, routine podiatry foot problems such as; surgical intervention for in-growing toe nails; appropriate nail cutting, fungal nail infections, corns, verrucae, arch and heel pain.

We specialise in :

Gait Analysis / Biomechanical Examination
– Infra-red pressure analysis
– 3D scanning
– Sports Injuries
– Foot and Ankle pain
Steroid injections
Ingrowing toe nail surgery
Heel pain
– Arch pain
– Osteoarthritis
– Routine Podiatry ; corns ; callous; fungal skin and nail conditions.


How patients can access private Podiatry :

We accept self pay and insured patients. Referral letters should be posted to our HQ :

We look forward to working with you in making people better.

020 7164 6607