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Part 2 | Plantar fasciitis Strecthes | Wimbledon | Maidenhead

Plantar fasciitis – Stretches

Plantar fasciitis is a common and debilitating condition.  South West Podiatry are committed to helping more people and dedicating our time to education and promoting foot health.  In this series of blogs, we discuss one of the most common form of foot pain for the general population and over the next few weeks we will discuss the signs and symptoms of plantar fasciitis.  It has been reported that up to 20 % of the population within the UK will suffer from symptoms of plantar fasciitis.  This is generally of varying degrees and plantar fasciitis can be one of the most debilitating conditions of the foot and ankle.

Part 2 :

calf muscles

This weeks part 1 rehabilitation tool looked at a simple calf stretch for a large calf muscle.  In part 1 of our free exercises which can help improve calf flexibility and decrease symptoms of heel pain/arch pain, we now look at the other muscle of the calf.  We have two main muscles within the calf, one called the gastrocnemius and the other called the soleus.  Both these muscles form part of the Achilles tendon and insert into the back of the heel.  As you already know from part 1, 50 % of patients have tight calf’s associated with plantar fasciitis so it would help to stretch the second largest muscle within the calf complex under guidance from your podiatrist.  The soleus is a smaller muscle but plays a large role in calf flexibility.


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