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Part 5 | Plantar fascia strapping / Plantar heel pain | Wimbledon | Maidenhead

Plantar fasciitis or Plantar heel pain:

Plantar fascia strapping.

Plantar heel pain is a common and debilitating condition.  South West Podiatry are committed to helping more people and dedicating our time to education and promoting foot health.  In this series of blogs, we discuss one of the most common form of foot pain for the general population and over the next few weeks we will discuss the signs and symptoms of plantar fasciitis/plantar heel pain.  It has been reported that up to 20 % of the population within the UK will suffer from symptoms of plantar fasciitis.  This is generally of varying degrees and plantar fasciitis can be one of the most debilitating conditions of the foot and ankle.

When would you strap the plantar fascia?

plantar fascia strap

Within the last few blogs, we have discussed stretching the calf complex, loading the calf and plantar fascia and self / assisted massage.  These exercises should guided by your podiatrist as some of the exercises will be more suitable than others which would depend on the severity of your plantar fascia symptoms.

As a team of foot specialists, we have many patients referred into our service from allied health professionals, like chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists.   One of the clinical tests which is very common practice within these allied health professions, is to strap the arch of the foot to decrease stress within the plantar fascia.  The strapping is usually applied with sports tape/low dye tape and can remain on the foot for between 3-5 days.  Strapping the foot is a great way to find out if this can temporarily reduce symptoms of arch or heel pain.  If this test is positive and it helps to reduce plantar fasciitis/ plantar heel pain, then specialist insoles or medical orthotics are likely to be of significant benefit in reducing plantar fascia tensile stress.  The aim of an orthotic device is to decrease plantar fascia loading during ambulation, running or sports.  Find out more about orthotics here:  Click here

Would you like to know how to strap your foot to see if orthotics can help?


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