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An Ingrowing toe nail can be painful.  How can podiatry resolve an in growing toe nail in Maidenhead ?

ingrowing toe nail issues within Maidenhead can be conservatively managed, but when symptoms persist our dedicated team of foot specialists can resolve your symptoms with a minor surgical procedure.  

Nail surgery is a long term solution to a painful condition. During the nail surgery procedure, a portion of the nail or the whole nail can be permanently removed under local anaesthetic using a chemical called phenol.

Signs and Symptoms of in-growing toe nails:

  • Hard skin near the nail.
  • Tenderness in the skin around the nail.
  • Swelling around the skin and nail.
  • The skin may be bleeding.
  • A curved painful toe nail.
  • The toe is painful.
  • Redness in the skin next to the nail.
  • The toe may be hot.
  • Pus or infection may be present near the toe nail.

Causes of ingrowing toe nails:

  • Footwear – ill fitting shoes and footwear which are too tight.
  • Inappropriate cutting – leaving spikes in the nail which pierce the skin.
  • Injury – Dropping an object on the nail or sports such as running causing pressure on the nail.
  • Hereditary nail conditions – Abnormal curves in the nail.
  • Posture or foot abnormality.
  • Infection.

Treatment options:

  • Deep/wide footwear giving you more space around the toes.
  • Soaking the feet in salt water and using antiseptic cream such as savlon.
  • Conservative cutting of the nail completed regularly by podiatrists.
  • Nail surgery – Removal of part of the nail or the whole nail.

ingrowing toe nail

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