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Shockwave Therapy | ESWT | Wimbledon

Here we discuss indications for shockwave therapy or ESWT.

In this blog we cover the main indications for shockwave therpay which our podiatry team in Wimbledon use to promote healing and reduce pain in injured tissue. 

This blog explains how shockwave therapy works so if you are unfamiliar with shockwave in medicine, click here : What is ESWT or Shockwave therapy?

What can shockwave therapy be used to treat?

ESWT – Shockwave therapy

Click on the video below to see how ESWT / shockwave therapy is used for heel pain:

How many sessions do I need?

At an initial consultation your podiatrist will discuss if ESWT is recommended and the frequency of visits.  Generally, patients attend clinic at 1-2 week intervals for up to 6 sessions with a view to reviewing the outcome a few weeks after your final session.

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