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Infected ingrowing toe nail | Antibiotic resistance | Wimbledon

How can a Podiatrist help to reduce antibiotic resistance?

Ingrowing toe nails can become red, hot and swollen.  They are very tender to touch and commonly become infected by bacteria.  The toe may bleed, be malodorous and discharge yellow pus from the toe nail.  Inappropriate management of ingrowing toe nails may require a series of antibiotic prescriptions.  Having multiple antibiotic treatments increases the risk of bacterial resistance or antibiotic resistance.

Ingrowing toe nails are easily managed by foot specialists, conservatively and surgically without the need for multiple prescriptions of antibiotic therapy.   Early intervention and treatment is key to reducing antibiotic resistance in the treatment of ingrowing toe nails.

Public Heath England have published the following video regarding antibiotic resistance:

To slow resistance we need to cut the unnecessary use of antibiotics. Public Health England.

To reduce antibiotic resistance and review your conservative and surgical treatment options of ingrowing toe nails, click on the link below:


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