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Three things that a Podiatrist won’t tell you | Wimbledon | Podiatry | foot pain

Three things that a Podiatrist won’t tell you, but you can be assured they are thinking it !

You / Patient :

I get a Pedicure every 4 weeks, I am not too sure about the cleanliness but the nails look great! Can you check them please??

Podiatrist :

You have a long standing fungal infection and having that darn nail polish on the nails has housed the fungus and its now all over the skin and nails.  She’s not going to like me telling her this but as soon as the clippings come back positive for fungal infection, we are going to consider a tablet and NO nail polish for a year.

You / Patient :

I play a lot of sports and my heels hurt, I have really cracked heels.  They have always been like this and I have never done anything about it, can you help?

Podiatrist :

OH NO ! Why have you never done anything about these heels, prevention is cure! I am going to ask him to cream these feet twice daily and book an appointment in 6 weeks to check up on him.  I hope he does it because this specific cream will really help but I doubt he’s going to stick to the regime.  When he comes back in 6 weeks, I am going to go mad if cracks haven’t gone ! MAD !


You / Patient :

I have been back to my GP about 3 or 4 times for an ingrowing toe nail and have been prescribed a few courses of antibiotics but it’s still sore ?

Podiatrist : 

We are the profession that specialise in any foot and ankle problem, including ingrowing nails. You could have seen us 1 years ago and I can see you this week and resolve your pain. You may even be able to get a referral to see a podiatrist via the NHS.  A podiatrist can cut the nail appropriately or perform a minor surgical procedure for a long term solution to your pain, see this link for further advice:

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