Monthly Archives - August 2012

Podiatry Videos

Filmed at our Podiatry clinic in Ealrsfield, South London, see our new information videos on foot and ankle pain. We aim to show you what to expect from an initial assessment including gait analysis and insoles based around the Wandsworth area including Balham and Clapham.


If you have any questions about your heel pain or bunions and you live in the Tooting, Balham or Clapham areas of South London then give us a call at South West Podiatry to have your foot and leg pains looked at. 


London Marathon

This Sunday the Olympic marathon hits London. Marathon runners have a high foot injury rate requiring podiatry intervention. Do you have a running injury that needs assessing?

South West Podiatry is based in Wandsworth and Wimbledon and has treated all foot and ankle conditions common to marathon runners including plantar fasciitis and stress fractures of the foot.