Monthly Archives - July 2012

Olympics Road Race

With the Olympic road race coming though Wandsworth, Richmond and Putney, now is the time to get your knee pain assessed. Are your feet leading to incorrect Biomechanics causing your knee pain?

Contact the specialists at South West Podiatry for a full review of your lower limb Biomechanics.


Sun is Out

The Sun is out in London.

Have your foot pain assessed in South London to make the most of the arrival of the sun. Make sure your feet are ‘sun ready’ for parading around Clapham Common and get the most out of the sun whilst is lasts.

Wimbledon common has some great areas to get your feet out and get the summer tan.



With Wimbledon now completed it is time to get your ankle sprains assessed and treated at South West Podiatry. Our team has worked with elite athletes and the weekend warriors for years perfecting the best diagnosis and treatment plan for individuals. At South West podiatry we have direct access to the Physiotherapy team of ProPhysiotherapy who have clinics in Earlsfield and Wimbledon.