Cryotherapy for Verrucas

Cryotherapy for Verrucas

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Cryotherapy for Verruca’s

Cryotherapy (Freezing) of Verruca’s in London

Cryotherapy is one of the treatments available to help resolve a Verruca. Cryotherapy is a controlled destruction of the tissues using very low temperatures i.e. freezing of the skin. Ice is formed inside and outside the cells disrupting the cell where the virus is living. 
After freezing the skin is allowed to thaw out. Ideally the treatment ruptures the cells and kills the virus. The body’s immune system is then thought to fight off the skin infection.

Remember: Private medical insurance will often pay for consultations and treatments, so it will not cost you anything.


“Treatment only a Podiatrist can provide”

Based in our Wandsworth clinic the Verruca treatment involves the use of nitrous oxide, which rapidly freezes the tissues to -89º. This treatment is not available for use outside of the health care setting; it is much colder than those treatments bought over the counter and as such, work better. It delivers the ice treatment accurately and rapidly. No anesthesia is required, although it is slightly uncomfortable. The probe is held over the Verruca and the skin is frozen for approx. 5- 10 seconds.

The skin is then allowed to thaw out for a couple of minutes before the procedure is repeated.

A blister usually develops 24 – 48 hours after the initial freezing treatment.

The lesion may also bleed under the skin so forming a blood blister. This may look alarming but ideally the skin needs to blister to help eradicate the Verruca. 
Pain and discomfort may be experienced initially after the blister formation but normally the Cryotherapy is well tolerated by patients. 
It is advisable to keep the wound dry and avoid excessive walking or swimming for a few days. 
Another review appointment is given 2 -3 weeks after the Cryotherapy when the wound should have healed. Any dead skin is removed and the skin examined to ascertain if the Verruca has resolved.

Some Verrucae are quite stubborn and may require more than one freezing session.

Cryotherapy List
Initial ConsultationStandard appointment with full review of foot health and medical check. £50
Review (only if required)A review appointment is only required when more than one session of freezing is required. £50