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What is a callous / hard skin?

The main cause of callous patches (painful hard skin) are caused by increased intermittent pressure over vulnerable high pressure areas of the foot.

A callous is a patch of hard skin mainly found on the ball of your foot or heels. Callous can cause fissure’s in the heels which are large cracks and can become painful or infected. Hard skin or callous can be painful on the underlying tissue if is it not treated.

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What should I do if I think I have corns?

It is important to have your feet checked by a HcPC Podiatrist or Chiropodist. There are other forms of painful hard skin lumps such as Verrucae, Corns, Fungal infections or Bacterial infections. You may want to try to file the skin and cream the area using an emollient such as CCS cream.

How can our team help you?

After an initial consultation we will discuss your treatment options. Callous can be managed by removing the hard skin with a sterile sharp blade and smoothing the area with files. A routine chiropody treatment should be pain free, immediate relief will be felt after treatment of painful callosities, and after your treatment you will be given further information to improve the overall health of your feet. Our team of Podiatrists are available to treat your feet, manage your symptoms and provide you with on going care of your feet, as required.

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