Routine Podiatry / Chiropody

Our fully qualified and HCPC registered Podiatrist can treat all ‘routine’ based foot care during our initial assessment including:

-  Painful callous (hard skin) build-up

-  Corns and verrucas

-  Ingrown, hard-to-cut and problem nails
We can also give advice on:

-  Preventative measures.

-  Self-help treatments and remedies.

-  Appropriate footwear.

Routine Appointments

Our Podiatrist/Chiropodists will reduce the nails, hard skin and any remove any corns. We will also review if there is a need for padding the areas to limit the reoccurrence of the problem.

Verruca Appointments

We will reduce the overlying hard skin and then the underlying verruca will be treated with acid (strength/type of acid dependent on patient and site of verruca). Additionally we may freeze the area or in long-term cases we can cut the lesion out under local anesthetic. All the options will be discussed with you including success rates and costing.

Nail Surgery

For patients who suffer chronic nail conditions/problems that cannot be controlled with regular routine treatments. The Podiatrist will numb the toe(s) with anesthetic and then the offending nail (or part of nail) will be removed. A chemical will then be applied to the nail bed to stop nail regrowth and prevent recurrence of the problem.

Diabetic Assessment

For diabetic patients. Our fully qualified and experienced podiatrists have years of experience assessing the ‘diabetic foot’ for the early signs of complications. We will assess the patient’s lower limb circulation and foot sensation with the aim of identifying whether the patient is in a low, medium or high risk group for foot problems associated with their diabetic status. A routine appointment is also included during this consultation.

Home Visit appointments also available; contact us for an individual quote.

Chiropody Price List

Routine Appointments (initial) £50
Routine Appointments (review) £50
Diabetic Foot Assessment (+ Routine) £50
Verrucae £50
Verrucae Dry Needling £250
Nail Surgery (including anesthetic) £250
Home Visit £60