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Welcome to South West Podiatry | Wimbledon | Earlsfield

South West Podiatry with its close transport links to Tooting and Balham are capable of solving your foot pain. Our team has spent years perfecting the treatment of plantar and posterior heel pain, the treatment of plantar fasciitis and of course the treatment of metatarsalgia.  There are many differential diagnosis or plantar and posterior heel pain such as plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonopathy and fat pad syndrome.  


Our Podiatry team assess, image if required and diagnose all foot and ankle conditions with a focus on delivering excellence in customer care.  We will work with you to resolve your foot problems, around your work commitments, offering evening and weekend appointments.  All of these conditions are treated at our Podiatry practice in Wimbledon or Earlsfield, near Southfields (Wandsworth)

Call now on 020 7164 6607 to book a New Patient assessment.

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